Summer School (2015)

Summer School 2015

Start: 12:00 Saturday 15th August
Finish: 12:00 Friday 21st August
Venue: Radley College, Abingdon, Oxford (Click here for google map, or here for the college website)

The National Aikido Federation's annual summer school is going to be held in Radely just outside of Oxford this summer; Oxford has some great attractions with architecture and museums which are a short bus/car trip away:

Training with Templegate

Aikido is a martial art from Japan, whose founder Morihei Ueshiba became legendary for combining his invincible combat skills with his philosophy of universal harmony.

Drawing its inspiration from the fighting skills of the samurai, aikido can harmlessly disarm and control an adversary or inflict more serious damage through the application of its underlying principles. Due to its approach of using a co-operative approach to practice, rather than on physical strength or stamina, aikido is suitable for people of all ages and levels of fitness.

Learning aikido with Templegate is perfect opportunity to improve your fitness, confidence and martial arts skill. Our friendly and diverse team of instructors, led by the National Aikido Federation's principal coach, Michael Narey, have many years of teaching experience and are all certified by the British Aikido Board.

2015 Course dates

Dates for your diary in 2015:

31st Jan & 1st Feb open course
28th Feb & 1st Mar dan prep
28th & 29th Mar dan prep (UPDATED!)
25th & 26th Apr dan prep
30th & 31st May dan prep
20th & 21st Jun open course & dan prep

Summer school 15 - 21st August

NAF Summer School (2014)

Start: 12:00 Saturday 9th August
Finish: 12:00 Friday 15th August
Venue: Radley College, Abingdon, Oxford
Click HERE for more information


NAF course schedule for 2014

You can find all the dates for NAF events under "Classes/Courses" then "NAF Events" from the menu to the side, or go straight there by clicking here.


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